• Headmistress of Pre-Primary Section

    “Children are the precious pearls,” just as the fishermen find in the seashells, which can be carved and shaped in a proper way that they become the gem of the world and shine. As parents, teachers and mentors, it is our prime duty to handle them with love, care and tenderness, in order to train a child in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from it.

    Children are the nation’s most precious resource! We all know that during the growing years, children do not know how to protect themselves properly. The world today is more complex and unsafe and there are several potential threats to children. According to the National Crimes Bureau, crime against children is rising year after year. Whether at home, at school, with peers, care givers or online, children are in constant touch with strangers and hence need to be sensitized about circumstances in which their physical, mental and emotional safety might be threatened or challenged.

    We need to educate them on how to handle these situations. Come on, parents and staff members of GMVV, let us be united in preparing our children mentally and physically to face the challenges of the world of today as well as tomorrow.

    Let us take up the ownership to guide them properly and make their growing up years happy and trouble-free!

                    Sr. Cicily Varghese